Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hanging out the laundry !! I am not a great blogger yet. I have been enjoying the great weather and taking advantage of the warm weather. I love to have my laundry hung out to dry. It makes them smell wonderful, uses no electricity , and I get to have my skin exfoliated when I use hard towels. Such a deal. Heavenly Father is the best ! One of my best friends in my ward, always hangs her laundry outside too. We love calling each other and telling each other how many loads of clothes are on the line. We encourage each other in our quest for "frugalness". I always tell my family that I love the months of May through October because I can dry clothes for free. I tell then that they should support me in this as it leaves more money in the budget for McDonald's, movies, and such. They are not as happy about the clothes line as I am. Oh well......maybe the next load.

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