Sunday, May 9, 2010

I have the BEST Mom ever!

My Mom, Linda, and Sarah

I have the best mom in the world. I know, you are probably thinking that you have the best....but I would have to disagree. She is everything I hope to be as a mother. She is kind, patient, loving, funny, and a million other adjectives. I have many great memories of how my mom made me feel important in her life, well, still makes me feel important. She calls me everyday. I look forward to that time every day. With today's technology, it is really easy to keep in touch. Mom even knows how to text, which is a miracle in and of itself. Even though she texts in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS...I know she really isn't yelling at me. Taking the garbage was even fun too. We would each take a side of the big rubber, 30 gallon garbage can, raise our free hand and snap our fingers all the way down the driveway while walking super fast. Mom taught me to love everyone. She raised two girls of her own, and several others too. She always made it look like she was happy to wake up early, stay up late, or come to the high school in the dark, by herself, to pick me up. She attended every single event that I ever participated in. Even when she worked in Seattle, she would take up her lunch break by walking to a neighboring book store and buy me books from the "Little House" series. She probably didn't even get to eat her lunch on those days. Mom has taught me to do things regarding my children with their best interest at heart. She has taught me to love greatly. She has taught me how to work. She has also taught me how to disagree fairly. I have NEVER seen her display aggression, meanness or rudeness. My mom is a gorgeous lady who I hope to be like. Mom...I love you more than you will ever know.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Perfect Day

My totally awesome laundry racks

I know that I have posted a similar post last year....but it gives me such satisfaction to dry my laundry inside or outside that I just have to post it again. There is nothing better for me, than to see my clothes wafting in the spring breeze. Granted, lately we have NOT seen the sun in a bazillion years....but today was simply gorgeous. I have saved almost $40 bucks a month by using these racks to dry my clothes. I rarely use my dryer these days. I feel like I am "Giving it to the Man" by doing my own little green thing. PSE doesn't get to keep our hard earned money, and Dave and I use the money that we save by going on our dates. I think that is a great trade off...don't you think?
Here is the address to the place that I order the racks from.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Family History Class

Tomorrow ( Sunday) starts my first time as the teacher of the Lake City Ward Family History Class. I am scared, nervous, excited, apprehensive, and generally speechless about this class. I know that speechless is NOT a good quality to have as a teacher...but still.
I have my syllabus all organized, the folders all ready to go, and even my lesson plans are ready. Now I just need to gather my wits about me, and have fun. So, for the next four Sundays, hopefully I can help get other folks in my Ward excited about doing their family history, as I am with mine.