Monday, February 8, 2010

Yard Work

Normally I am not one to get excited about yard work, but Saturday was such a glorious sunny day that I couldn't help but get excited about being outside. Our back yard looks a billion times better. We did poo patrol, swept up all the branches ( a billion of them), power blower'd off the back deck, the sports court and moved all the day care toys and organized them. I feel like we really accomplished a lot. Now...if only the sun would come every day. I saw just enough warm sunny days while we were in Mexico that I really want to see more of the sun now. It is like it was just teasing me or something. Spring is my favorite time of the year.


  1. I know! I am so ready for sunny days every day! I feel like I can get so much more done if the weather is nicer. Or, let's just move to Mexico :)

  2. Mexico probably isn't the greatest place to live Celeste! lol.I've heard too many creepy stories. But the weather is nice. I love yard work too! The results of hard work always look and feel so nice!