Friday, August 13, 2010

17 years ago this night!!!

Friday the 13th is always supposed to be a bad thing, right? Well normally I would agree with you. However, 17 years ago on this very night, a wonderful thing happened to me. Dave was working the late shift at work, then came over to my house after that. This was the night that he proposed to me. Dave got down on one knee, professed his love for me and asked me if I would do him the honor of marrying him. After saying YES, he proceeded to kiss me. I thought I was hearing fireworks in the distance in affirmation of the monumental event that had just happened. In actuality, it was a drive by shooting that happened three houses down from mine. In about one minute flat, there were no less than 9 Pierce County sheriff's in front of my house. So...not only do we fondly remember the time and date of our proposal, but the drive by shooting that happened moments afterward. So...a great thing happened on Friday, August 13th.....


  1. congrats on your love and on being safe. crazy story.

  2. I love the story. Don't we love it when things make the events happening even more memorable!!!!!