Friday, December 17, 2010

Ramblings and such

      I am officially on vacation mode even though I am not taking time off until the 23rd.  I don't know why I feel different, but I do.  I have too many things to do on my "to do" list, but after they are all done, I will feel totally ready to be "Christmas Ready".  I know, it shouldn't be hard to enjoy the real reason for the season. Christ is who I adore, and celebrating his birth, even though it didn't actually happen on December 25, is really a fun time.  I love the Carols and hymns  that help me feel the Spirit. I went to two concerts this week.  Jayson had his band concert on Wednesday and Sasha had her choir concert last night ( Thursday).
     Jayson's band concert was amazing. Those kids have such talent.  Most have only been performing a year or less.  They are proud of themselves and they have more courage than I ever did at their age.  Their teacher expects them to be in small groups to perform small musical numbers.   Like I would have ever though of doing that when I was in 7th grade.  Those kids eat it up.   And they are actually good.  Jayson is playing Baritone this year so it is like he is a beginning student.  The only difference is that he knows how to read music, but just has to learn the fingerings for the Baritone because he decided to learn the bass cleff version instead of the treble cleff version. 
     Sasha is an amazing singer.  She sings alto and I love to hear her talented harmonic voice.  She can hear harmonies even if there aren't any...she puts them in anyway and I LOVE it. They sang many Christmas carols.  I love that he choir director believes in Christmas and isn't afraid to have the kids sing those songs. 
     I am blessed to have music in my life.  Without happiness would be less ...happy!

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