Friday, July 31, 2009

A cool 80 !

Let me hear ya say HALLELUJAH !! The weather has finally cooperated and come back down to a respectable 80 degrees. We slept with all the windows open, and fans on, and about 0530 this morning, I rolled over and turned off the fan. I remember smiling to myself and even chuckled. No more 7 million degrees. Poor Dave. He has been all week at Boy Scout camp in the sweltering heat, not much shade. I do not want to smell my house when he walks thru the door. Peeeeeeeeee yuuuuuuuu ! At least it is cooler and more manageable.


  1. oh my goodness. Amen to the heat subject. seriously i grew up with hot weather but we had a/c. It is not fun. And you know what i am going through with the kids since you have day care. That is why i did not post anything for a while. I made a rule that all electronics were shut off. Anything that produced heat! It kind of helped:-) Thank heavens it is cooling off at night enough to get the house cool enough to start the next hot day!!! love you.

  2. I read on Tessa's blog that you were cranky when it's hot, so I had to read it for myself! I hate the heat, but our house has A/C, so if you ever need a break let me know! Our door is always open (well, just for a minute, we don't want all the cool air to escape!) and Phase II has some portable A/C units you can borrow!