Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Teenager's are awesome!

L to R: Andrew Smith, Austin Hjelm, Kenny Smith
Kjersten Ness, Sasha Mathison and Spencer Lawrenson

Kjersten Ness and Sasha Mathison
Aren't they beautiful !!

On Monday evening, we were invited over to the Dooley's (friends from church) to attend their kids' birthdays. All four of their children have had birthdays in the last month or so, so they decided to throw a big bash all at once. We all went and had a really nice time. Sasha was there and saw one of her good friends who was visiting from Montana. Kjersten used to be in our ward, but moved away a year or so ago. It was fun seeing all of these great teenagers just lounging around and visiting with each other.

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