Saturday, August 29, 2009

Puking Pregnant

Dave's daughter, Heather, called us this morning and she has been having horrible morning sickness ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT long. I totally feel for her. Poor gal ! There is nothing worse than "worshipping the porcelain god" all the time. I remember when I was pregnant and was throwing up all the time like it was yesterday. She says that she has lost some weight, but that her doctor says that everything is fine.....of course the doctors say everything is fine. They are not the ones puking all the time. So....all of you mothers out there...please give me some of the tried and true things that worked for you to help alleviate those morning sickness barfs. I gave her what worked for me...but I want to help her as much as possible. Thanks...........

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  1. hi - if she is losing weight & on the verge of dehydration then she needs to be put on Zophran...she can ask the is not good to throw up day & night. It leads to dehydration which leads to a hospital visit.