Monday, March 15, 2010

Inspections are OVER !

This past week has been a crazy week. I was scheduled to have my Family Child Care NAFCC Accreditation inspection sometime between March 8-12. Well, it drove me absolutely crazy to not know when the inspectors were going to arrive. I mean, really. What am I supposed to do....look out the window until I see a strange car pull in. I couldn't even leave the house during daycare hours because they "might" decide to show up. Of course, I had to have a certain number of my clients here or the observation would be invalid. I definitely didn't want that. That would mean that I would have to be tortured all over again some time in the future. The observer came and it was 8 hours before she was gone for good. She went through cupboards, shelves, records, art supplies, books, outside equipment, indoor things....basically everything. She watched to make sure that I was changing diapers in the proper procedure. What parent follows the exact procedure for changing their child's diapers? Or who even knows that there is a proper procedure? Guess what....Child care providers have to. Or else. Big trouble. Anyway...I won't know how I did until 12-16 weeks from now. I have to be patient while I wait. Wish me luck.


  1. Oh my! Good luck with all of that. And when do they teach you the correct procedure of diaper changing? I hope I'm doing it right! I guess it's right if they don't leak out ;) Keep us posted!

  2. glad to hear that people do not come and make sure i am following proper procedures with my children:-) Hope all goes well, i am wishing you luck and sending you my love! See you at Enrichment!!!