Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Perfect Day

My totally awesome laundry racks

I know that I have posted a similar post last year....but it gives me such satisfaction to dry my laundry inside or outside that I just have to post it again. There is nothing better for me, than to see my clothes wafting in the spring breeze. Granted, lately we have NOT seen the sun in a bazillion years....but today was simply gorgeous. I have saved almost $40 bucks a month by using these racks to dry my clothes. I rarely use my dryer these days. I feel like I am "Giving it to the Man" by doing my own little green thing. PSE doesn't get to keep our hard earned money, and Dave and I use the money that we save by going on our dates. I think that is a great trade off...don't you think?
Here is the address to the place that I order the racks from.


  1. I really really really should do this but I hate doing laundry so much. Maybe I'll give Christian some racks for Father's day. heheheh

    no seriously, I totally should

  2. Hey looks like you guys have been busy! Happy Birthday to you and Jayson both! Carrot Cake is Yummy! I also LOVE your clothes racks! What a great idea. I think I for sure need one. thanks for the site! By the way, we are moving into that Duplex,(in 2 weeks!!) THanks again for taking the pics!

  3. oh yeah... Sasha is so brave! That would be so fun to pole vault!

  4. How long does it normally take for the clothes to dry?