Saturday, May 1, 2010

Family History Class

Tomorrow ( Sunday) starts my first time as the teacher of the Lake City Ward Family History Class. I am scared, nervous, excited, apprehensive, and generally speechless about this class. I know that speechless is NOT a good quality to have as a teacher...but still.
I have my syllabus all organized, the folders all ready to go, and even my lesson plans are ready. Now I just need to gather my wits about me, and have fun. So, for the next four Sundays, hopefully I can help get other folks in my Ward excited about doing their family history, as I am with mine.


  1. It was wonderful!!!! You always do a great job! I came home and looked. I'm going to need some help!

  2. You got me really excited about doing family history! I'm excited for the next three classes :) Thanks for teaching us!

  3. I'll be there next week! I love family history.