Friday, June 11, 2010


This is a picture of Sasha on our cruise to Mexico that one of her friends took of her. She met this really nice boy her age who was visiting with his family from Sofia Bulgaria. They hit it off, and have been "pen pals" ever since. He took a really great picture. And besides, the weather in this picture is what I wish was doing here. Come on sun...get here already!


  1. Cute Pic. We really need the sun. To come and STAY. no more of this lame one day thing and then a week of gross. And seeing that pic gets me way excited for our little adventure in October!!!

  2. Oh I so want to be on a cruise boat!! That picture is so awesome. And is then pen pal a cutie??

  3. AWWWWH my bestie! Sash and I need to have another trip together!:)