Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Busy Summer and a Zillion Pictures!

Dave and Zach

Heather, Ava and Dave

Grandpa Dave and Ava relaxing on our bed

Mercy, Ava, and Dave

Heather, Ava, and Sasha

Ava and Auntie Sasha

Mercy at the Paulson's getting ready to jump into American Lake! She loved it and had never been swimming there before.

My crazy Momma. She is hilarious. Sure love her tons!

Sasha and Zach at Granny's house.

My niece Stephanie was visiting from Texas.

Some of our cute firefighters at the National Night Out on August 3rd. Who can resist cute firefighters?????

Tessa, Cory, Braxton, and Macade Ross chilling out at our neighborhood BBQ.

As you can tell, we have had a super busy summer. I have gotten really behind in my blogging but at least I have had fun and now you can see the pictures to prove it. Enjoy and post a comment while you are at it.


  1. Hey, it looks like now everything's ok! Now I can read the blog! It's very nice to see photos of all of you once more! Ava is VERY cute! And it looks like Linda is still just as fun as we remember. =]

    Send everyone a kiss from all of your brazilian friends.

  2. When did Ava get so big? Wasn't she born yesterday?

  3. I too love cute firefighters :) Sounds like a great summer with lots of cute pics of your cute little family!!