Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sasha doesn't have BRACES!

Sasha is so GORGEOUS! Look at that pretty smile!

Sasha and her orthodontist, Dr. Andrew Leavitt
(It was nerd day at his office)

Today was a monumental day in our lives. Sasha had her braces removed after having them on for two years. I love her pretty smile. That smile is worth $6,100 bucks....although I prefer to think of it as her million dollar smile. Now....let's hope she remembers to wear her retainer like she is supposed to so it will not have all been in vain.


  1. Nice! I think she was always beautiful, but now she looks awesome :) And $6100?? I better start saving up for my kids!!

  2. I didn't think Sasha could be any prettier than she already was but that million dollar smile! Wow ! Better put up some extra locks and pull out the gun boys aren't going to be able to resist all that beauty!

  3. So exciting. I love it! I love the pic of here cheesy smile that you sent me to my phone! Beautiful Smile!!!!!!! (takes after her mama:-)

  4. Sasha is so lucky. My dream is to have braces. My family could not even think of affording such a luxury and now I don't have dental insurance. One day I WILL have dental insurance and I WILL have braces and have a beautiful smile like your lucky Sasha.

  5. Yep! You do look good, Sasha! I like your teeth! Great job by your dentist who took good care of your teeth. I'm sure that you just want to smile sweetly all day!