Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dangerous Dishes

Five stitches total !

Getting stitches

All numb...no more pain!

Swollen and gross. What a stupid thing. Washing dishes us dangerous! I will NEVER do them again!

I was washing dishes this morning and decided to wash the kerosene lantern thing. Well...that turned out to be dumb. I had my hand around the glass and was swishing the rag inside when it busted all over the place and sliced my hand really deep. I immediately knew it was big and deep and I needed to get to the hospital. Of course, I wasn't dressed, so Sasha had to help me get dressed, put on my bra, put my shoes on, all while trying to NOT get blood on her everywhere. I called my great friend Amy Paulson, and she came right over and drove me to St. Clare Hospital. From the time that I walked in to the ER till the time that I left was 48 minutes. They were super fast and very efficient. I ended up with 5 stitches. So...the good part of this is that I cannot get it wet for 7-10 days...which means NO CLEANING OF THANKSGIVING DISHES! Hallelujah!


  1. my golly miss molly. That looks wicked. I am so sorry to see that. I called you yesterday when cory showed me on facebook to check up on you. I hope all is well!!!! Call me for anything, even bra snapping:-) love your face, and your new hand!!!

  2. Oh my good heavens that looks terrible! I hope it heals well and that you get a cool looking scar to go with it :) Have a great and dish-free weekend!

  3. OH wow! I'm so sorry. But not doing thankgiving dishes would be a plus. lol. I hope it heals fast! xoxo

  4. So sorry! I did the same thing with a glass one year in just about the same spot...only had to have 5 stitches though...

    Speedy recovery AND..DON'T DO THAT AGAIN! LOL