Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance Card time is here!

It is official.....Sasha is now old enough to get her dance card. For those of you that don't go to our Church, a teenager is officially able to go to Church dances when they turn 14. Today is that magical day. Sasha has gracefully aged from 13 to 14. I just reminded her to get her interview with the Bishop and get that all important little card as it is her passport to teenage "heaven". We all know that with dancing comes BOYS ! She is also old enough to attend EFY ( Especially for Youth). This is a week long intensive youth conference that is AWESOME! This program builds teenagers in spirit, confidence, knowledge of the gospel, and excitement for life. I can't believe that Sasha is 14. Where does the time go? 14 years ago I was super excited to have Dave and I's first baby together. She was definately a red head right from the beginning. Such a sweet baby then and such a fun kiddo now.

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  1. EFY is the best! It really is an incredible experience. Way exciting that she gets to attend! YAY for Sasha. Happy B-Day girl!