Friday, June 5, 2009

I have lost a teenager !

Well, it has happened at the Mathison home. Yesterday was a very monumental day. It was the day that we lost a teenager. Yes ! Sarah had a birthday and she is 20 !! No more teenage life for her. I cannot believe that it has been 20 years since I brought her into this awesome world. She is an amazing young woman who has her head on strait. ( Yes, I am bragging, but I am her mother and I have that right.) She brings such life to our family. Now we only have one teenager at home instead of two. Sasha is still in the throws of teenage-hood, so it will still be exciting around here. Anyway, I just wanted you to know of that awesome milestone that happened. Enjoy your babies because they grow up super fast.


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah!! We love you and welcome you into adulthood!

  2. I can hardly believe it! Happy birthday!