Saturday, June 20, 2009

No More Mathison's in Elementary School

Kathy Warczak, Safety Patrol Queen and friend from Church with Jayson

Selimar Ramos and Jayson holding their graduation certificates. Jayson is sweet on Selimar.

Mr. Joseph Brucklier, Jayson's teacher, and Jayson

Chrissy May and Jayson Mathison waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin.

Jayson entering the lunch room on graduation day.

A duplicate picture that I don't know how to remove

Jayson entering the lunch room from outside

It was bound to happen. Since 1994, I have had a child in elementary school. Yesterday, June 19th, 2009...was a day that I didn't think would ever happen. Jayson, the last of the Mohicans, left the doors of Lake Louise Elementary. This would be a day of happiness and tears ( yes, the Mom in me spills out thru my eyes). The school did a very nice job of the "graduation" ceremony. Jayson earned the "Most Reliable" award. We were extremely proud of him. Now it is off to Mann Middle School in September. Where does the time go???

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  1. Look thats my niece Selimar Ramos is nice to find her in google search. God bless!!