Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family Fun Day

Dave and I sitting and relaxing at Northwest Trek

Jayson and Sasha at Northwest Trek in front of the Barn Owl Exhibit. Aren't they super cute together?

Thursday was a terrific day because we all either skipped school or skipped work. We all took a "Mental Health Day". Since Heather and her hubby Mike and son we in town from Texas, we decided to take family pictures. We went to the Picture People at the Tacoma Mall. For some strange reason, all of the pictures actually turned out great. Kids always look awesome...throw the adults in there too and that is a whole other story. We ended up buying a few of the pictures and the CD of the session so that we could make copies as we needed them. After we were done with the picture, Red Robin was calling our names for lunch. We all ate our favorite burgers and then after than, headed out to Northwest Trek. This is a fabulous wildlife preserve that has an hour long tram ride. We saw bison, elk, deer, canadian geese, wolverines, beavers, eagles, and other animals that I cannot remember. It was a great day to be with family.

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  1. Macade loves this place. Way to take a mental Health day. Cory took one of those on Friday!!! I love it. Great Family pic by the way. Super cute fam!