Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sasha's First Dance

Austin and Jonah Hjelm ( back row)
Sasha Mathison and Kellyn Bennett at Sasha's first Church Dance.

Sasha and Kellyn: Two peas in a pod

Sasha went to her first Church dance tonight. She went with some friends from Church. We volunteered to do the driving since it was Sasha's first time. It was fun picking up the kids and taking them to the dance. We picked up Kellyn Bennett, Jonah and Austin Hjelm. It was Jonah's birthday today so it was special for him to go on his actual birthday.


  1. yay Sasha! I love love love dances! I think I was more excited about finally getting to go to dances than any other age limited event I had to look forward to!

  2. Hey, Andrea - I am reading your blog!!! It's super cute....I love the picture at the top, but there's 1 Mathison I don't recognize. What's up with that?