Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dental Work

Yesterday I had the misfortune of getting the first part of a crown put on in the back of the bottom of my mouth. Pres. Stevens in my dentist. As he was working, he was having a hard time getting all of the torture devices (I mean dental equipment) in my mouth. Apparently I have a small mouth. Who knew? I have always had a hard time opening my mouth to floss properly, and when Pres. Stevens got out his caliper to measure my mouth opening, he was surprised at how small it was. So, even though a LOT of noise comes out of my mouth, there truly is not any room for all the other stuff when one goes to the dentist. My jaw is so sore because of me trying to keep my mouth open further than it should. It feels like someone sucker punched me super hard. Owwww!

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