Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of New Schools

Jayson on his first day of 6th grade

Sasha's first day of High School in 9th grade

Wow! I can hardly believe that both of my babies are starting new schools today. Sasha starts HIGH SCHOOL and Jayson starts Middle School. Sasha, of course, didn't sleep much. She couldn't get to sleep until 0130 and then she woke up at 0430. She is such her mother's child. Jayson slept better but was still awake before his alarm went off. Both the kids are very excited about starting new school years. This will be Sasha's first time back to a regular brick and mortar school as we have home schooled her for the past three years. She is ready and so am I. Now all I have to do is worry until the kids walk through the door again this afternoon. It is hard to be a parent. Only 179 more school days to go!!!

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