Friday, September 11, 2009

Seminary For Sasha

Sasha will be using these a lot now !

Yesterday was the first day of Seminary for Sasha. For those of you who are not of our faith, Seminary is a 4 year scripture study course that is either early morning at 0600 or as a class in High school if one is lucky enough to live in either Utah or Southern Idaho. Since Sasha lives in neither of these places, then she gets to go to Seminary at 0600. The class is at our Church building which is only a block from her High School. This is a fabulous program as it teaches our teenagers the Gospel in more detail than they could get if they only were taught at Sunday School. I went to Seminary back in the olden days and loved every minute of it. I hope that Sasha will put her heart into it and really learn what God wants her too. So far, she is up and ready to go every morning...So far, so good. I wish that all teenagers could start their days by reading the scriptures. It would really make for a better world.

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