Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Organized Closet!

My closet is now organized by color.

I spent this past weekend cleaning our closet. This is a task that has needed to be done for , I don't know, a billion years. Anyway, once I removed all the clothes that I no longer can wear, I decided to follow the advice of a good friend ( Thanks Bobbie!) to arrange all my clothes by color. I must say that I think it looks really nice. Although in the picture it does look like something black is hanging by my red coat, it is really a dark purple. Anyway, I know that it is an anal thing to do, but I think I like it that way. Now, the hard thing is going to be able to keep it looking like that.


  1. These days I'm lucky if my clothes even make it back into the closet, but yours looks great (and BIG)!

  2. I mean the closet looks big....not the clothes! lol