Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas at Granny's house

My Mom, Linda, at her table getting ready for Christmas dinner.

Matthew, Ryley, Stephanie, and Hannah Hughes, Andrew Hoffman, Sarah, Jayson and Sasha Mathison at Granny's house in front of the Christmas tree.
Granny and Stephanie getting ready to make crescent rolls

Sarah and Ryley

Pam, Mom ( Granny) and Me

We went to my Mom's house for Christmas dinner. We also went there on Christmas Eve so that we could see my sister Pam and her family. It was wonderful seeing everyone. We were all together for Christmas. My Mom was so happy to have all of her "people" there at the same time. Even Stephanie from Texas and Andrew who is in the Coast Guard was there. It was great. Family is the best part of Christmas.

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  1. family is the greatest! I want to make cresent rolls now. hee hee. Glad you had happy holidays!