Monday, December 28, 2009

Jayson's first Court of Honor

Jayson and Dave

John Warczak, Scoutmaster, and Jayson

Jayson with his Tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st Class
Advancement badges.

Dave, Andrea and Jayson Mathison. Jayson is pinning me with
his First Class pin. I love that he was so careful as to
not stick me with the pin. It was hilarious.

Jayson had his very first Court of Honor on December 16. He earned a Merit Badge for Environmental Science, which is an Eagle Required Merit Badge. He also advanced from a Tenderfoot, Second Class, and then to a First Class Scout. We are very proud of him for his accomplishments in Scouting. Someday in the next few years, we will have two Eagle Scouts in this house. I can't wait.

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