Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning 2009

Dave and his newest videos: Star Trek and Young Frankenstein

Andrea and her new counter top convection oven

Jayson, Sarah, and Sasha

Jayson, Sarah, Andrea and Sasha with the kids' stockings

Jayson, Sarah, and Sasha

Christmas this year was quiet and nice. Everyone was home, with the exception of Heather and Mike. Sarah was supposed to go to Oklahoma to see Rick and his family, but because of the blizzards in Midwest, her flights were canceled two days in a row. She was bummed big time over that. The good thing for us was that she was able to spend it with us. We went to Dave's sister's house on Christmas Eve for dinner and presents, then on Christmas day, we went to my mom's house for a mid afternoon dinner of prime rib. It was super. I love Christmas!

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  1. To Uncle Dave,
    My husband lives, breaths and eats that Star Trek movie! He is so laid back about everything, including showing any emotion about the kids and I. I swear if there were 36 hours in the day he would watch that movie 24 hours. It's a good movie(which he tell everyone like everyday) :)