Friday, April 16, 2010

A Miracle at Costco !

My beloved Pepsi

Dave and I were in Costco this morning buying stuff for the Boy Scout campout at Pacific Beach tonight and tomorrow when the most wondrous thing befell my eyes. In the food court, there is usually two Coke fountain machines. Today was a glorious day because sometime last night, the Pepsi fairy came and got rid of those ol' nasty Coke machines. Let me tell you about my love affair with Pepsi. Ever since I was little, I would try to convince my mom and dad to buy me Pepsi with little success. Of course everyone knows that pop is not the best thing for a person to drink. That meant little to me. Fast forward to adulthood and now I can have Pepsi any time that I want. Of course this means that I must trade my hard earned money for it, but do that I must. You also have to know that I rarely actually buy the stuff to drink at home. I just cannot justify spending the grocery money on something so precious...I mean...unhealthy. When my children were learning how to talk, they didn't say the regular "momma" or dadda". brilliant children said the word..."Pepsi". In fact, Pepsi helped diagnose Sarah's hearing loss. When she was about two years old, I used to get upset that she wouldn't listen to me. I would tell her something, or call her name, and she would just ignore me. Well, that wouldn't I tried to ask her a question with something that I knew she would want. "Sarah, do you want a Pepsi?" acknowledgment or anything. I KNEW then that something had to be wrong with her hearing because NO child could ever refuse drinking Pepsi. you know why I am so ecstatic over seeing my beloved Pepsi at the Costco food court.


  1. I'm glad you are excited about the little things in life. So does that mean there is Mountain Dew there? Any chance of Diet Dew?? Now THAT would be a miracle!

  2. it's stuff like this that TOTALLY makes me happy. silly huh? When they have my fav chocolate on sale I'm just ecstatic. Today, for the first time, I found hearts of palm (palmitos, brazilian food) at costco and I was super stoked.

  3. You have got to love the small things that come up in our lives! I love to see that you get excited over the simple things. Its fabulous!!!