Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sasha goes to the JROTC Ball

O'Ryan and Sasha sitting in the Perry's daffodil garden.

O'Ryan picking up Sasha.

O'Ryan and Sasha all ready for the dance. He gave her a gorgeous purple orchid wrist corsage. It was lovely.

O'Ryan and cute they are!

Jayson, Sasha and Sarah right before we went over to the Ethington's for Sasha's photo shoot.

Sasha and her gorgeous, red, curly hair. She looked like a princess.

Granddad, Sasha and Granny

Granny and Sasha

Sasha and Heather Behm. Heather was kind enough to do Sasha's hair. She had Sasha come over on Friday night and put those pink sponge curlers in her hair over night. Beauty has a price, ya know. Everyone needs a great friend with hair skills. Thanks so much Heather!

Sasha and her red cascading hair. Isn't it gorgeous??

Sasha in her pink sponge curlers.

Last night Sasha went to the Lakes High School JROTC Military Ball. It was held on North Fort Lewis ( or Joint Base Lewis McChord if ya want to get technical) at the Community Center on American Lake. It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine. Sasha was escorted to the dance by O'Ryan Ethington. He goes to our church and also to Sasha's school. The kids had a great time.


  1. Beautiful girl you got there. How fun to watch them grow up. kind of a win, lose situation though i guess. Macade is only three, and i love it and hate it at the same time!

  2. wow she looks gorgeous! I'm glade she's grew out her hair! what a knock out!

  3. Her hair was so awesome! And not only did I love her dress, but Bryan even said it was (and I quote) gorgeous!

  4. I did see this post and I don't know why i didn't comment right away. I'm so jealous of her hair, it's amazing. I've always wanted red hair.

    Did you make her dress? She looks amazing.