Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Trip to meet Ava!

God's Handiwork. I LOVE baby hands! They are so teeny and cute. I love it when they wrap around your finger...which also wraps them around your heart.

Baby toes. I could just eat them up.

It is so exhausting being this beautiful. This is the Easter Dress that we bought for her. It is white with teeny lilac flowers on it.

Mike, Heather and Ava on Easter Morning right before church. Aren't they they cutest little family. I miss them already.

I had a great time this past week when I visited Heather and Mike and got to meet my new granddaughter. Let me tell you...being a Granny is really awesome. Ava is a great little girl and a great snuggler. She smells great and loves being held all close and tight. I met a lot of Mike's family at the family Easter get together. I love them. They are a fun group of people. I also survived another California earthquake. It was a 7.2 and was centered in Mexicali Mexico. It felt like a rolling circular motion. It was also fairly quiet, which is in stark contrast to the other California earthquake that I lived through when I was stationed in Oakland CA. That one was in October of 1989 ( Loma Prieta Earthquake). The one in '89 was loud, and shook super duper hard. I wanted to come home from that one. Thankfully the one on this Easter was minor compared to that one. None the less... I was grateful to finally be HOME. Dave did a great job being Mom and Dad while I was gone. The kids are still alive, the house is clean, and even the laundry is done. Yay are awesome.

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  1. she is soooo cute. I love the dress. LOVE. IT!