Thursday, April 1, 2010

We've been busy !

OK....So I have been super busy lately with new granddaughter Ava, Rex in the hospital, and just general wife and mom stuff. So, instead of a whole bunch of different postings, I will just post a mish mash of different stuff. Enjoy !!

Jayson in front of his school reader board. It is announcing his entrance to the Puget Sound Regional Science Fair at Pacific Lutheran University on March 27, 2010. He entered his crystal radio . Way to go Jayson !

Sasha and I goofing around while waiting for dinner at Applebee's. We always have fun together.

Sasha and her Girls wrestling coach Trisk Pak. Sasha earned her Varsity letter. Not bad for a 9th grader.

Sasha and some of her guy teammates at the pizza banquet. Boys can really put the pizza away.

Granny and Sarah at Good Sam ICU making the most of Rex's stay there. Laughing sure beats crying.

Sasha and I at a Relief Society activity. Everyone had to wear a wild hat. Sasha wore her wrestling cap and I wore Dave's flight deck helmet. It was a fun night.


  1. sounds like you have been up to a lot. But i think life is better full of activity than nothing at all!!!

  2. Ava is a doll. You seem like a super nice and fun mom. Lucky daughters and now lucky granddaughter.