Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Sarah and I at Denny's eating breakfast !

I have to admit it!! I am one of those crazy and retarted people that willingly get up at 0300 so that I can be to Walmart super early. This year was no different. When I drove up to the store, there was a huge thing MISSING. There was NO LINE. They had let people inside right after midnight. That was cool. What was not cool was that they were sold out of a TON of the cool things. That was definitely a total bummer. We did get many nice things though so all was not lost. Since many of the folks that I buy for read this post, I cannot tell you what I bought. Sorry.

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  1. that's a bummer that you were unable to get everything you wanted. I got a bunch of diapers at Toys R Us. The jumbo pack was $5, score!