Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Hate Mold

Mold in our bathroom. The pictures loaded in the
opposite order. Sorry
More mold in our bathroom
My super smart husband removing our super outdated and
UGLY tiles from like....1970. Gross

Dave, the fix it man !

Ya gotta love a man who can do demo work .

This is what my poor hubby did yesterday. Our bathroom has had this weird smell for a while, and even after cleaning and scrubbing it down, it would still be there. When the tiles kept falling off one by one, and they would be full of mold on the backside, we knew what to do. Poor Dave devoted most of yesterday to killing the evil beast. For right now, that means that we have to shower upstairs in the teeny tiny shower that the kids use. What a pain. I know, I know...I should be grateful for hot showers and all that. I agree...but I want my shower back. It will be really nice when it is fixed. Someday when we have time AND money at the same time, we will really remodel our outdated bathroom....but until that time comes....this will have to do.

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  1. You think your pink tiles are gross? One of my bathrooms has a pink tub, toilet AND sink! What were they thinking when they installed those 45 years ago???