Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Clothes Drying Rack

New clothes drying racks

Since the weather is definitely fall, and with that cold and rainy weather, this means that I can no longer hang my clothes outside for free. Well through the beauty of the internet, I found these great clothes drying racks. They can each hold one VERY large load apiece, or two medium loads each. Yes, I know that they are "redneck" in their appearance....but their functionality and ability to save me money, makes them priceless. They fold down into a mere two inches thick and are four feet long when folded down. Yes, I know that I sound like a commercial, but this is truly worth it. Can you see my dog Daisy laying in the last little bit of Sunday sun? In the last two weeks I have only used my evil dryer for 80 minutes and I have washed 12 loads of laundry. That is a ton of laundry but not when you consider that includes all the daycare laundry of sheets, blankets, pillows, etc plus our regular laundry, sheets etc. I usually just wash the clothes then hang them up in the first thing in the morning. By the next night ( overnight) they are totally dry. If something just HAS to be dried right away, then I dry them in the dryer, but I figure if the dirty clothes generally are in the hamper for a day or two anyway before they get washed, they might as well hang up on the racks for those two days. Good luck and let me know if you need any more information.

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  1. i really want one of these. can you tel mewhere you got it and price?